D'Abruzzo D.o.c.g.

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Sale and production of D.O.C. Abruzzo wines.

Sale production  d.o.c. Abruzzo winesThe winery, which has been family run for generations, was partly converted in the late 70’s to specialized wine growing. For several years grapes were firstly produced for north Italy markets and then, thanks to the increasing popularity of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to satisfy local market requirements. It was the determination of the new generations who now run the twenty hectares winery, with five hectares dedicated to vine, that lead to the completion of the productive process, making the dream of transforming their own grapes into wine come true.

Sale production  d.o.c. Abruzzo winesThat was how in 2006, year when our small wine cave equipped with modern technology was built, ancient wine-growing tradition turned into wine production.  The use of time-honoured but effective traditional systems, combined to new oenological techniques, provides the best results for the producer while satisfying customers.